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We’re an expert-led community dedicated to helping everyone enjoy better gut health.

Why The Better Gut?

Well, because one of the greatest current challenges to human health is barely being talked about. We can’t even see it. We’re talking about the vanishing flora and fauna, or microbiome, of the human gut and its disappearance due to our modern lifestyle and diet. Our mission at The Better Gut is to spread the word about how you can better support your own unique ecosystem. 

Did you know that a healthy gut can actually lead to better general wellness, and even play a role in preventing serious disease and life-limiting conditions? As well as tackling troublesome symptoms such as bloating and other painful digestive disorders, having a healthy gut is scientifically proven to make you happier! This is one of the most exciting new frontiers in human health and disease today.

We’re here to turn the latest research into easily digestible tips (excuse the pun), sharing not only how to reverse the loss of diversity in your gut, but also how to make your tummy happy. 

The Better Gut Substack newsletters are dedicated to sharing expert-led knowledge, to help change how we all understand, talk about and support our gut. You can join with confidence, for accessible, simple, tips and insights on gut health from the frontline of patient care and clinical research.

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