Sitemap - 2023 - The Better Gut

Gender Matters: Exploring Gut Microbiota Differences in Men and Women

Gut Health and Allergies: Unraveling the Role of the Microbiome

The Evolution of Gut Health: Insights from Paleolithic to Modern Diets

Gut Health and Skin: The Surprising Link Between Microbiome and Dermatology

Gut Health and Kombucha: A Powerful Duo for Digestive Wellness

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Q&A: Signs of an Unhealthy Gut, Weight Management & Metabolism

Gut Health & Aging in Women

Q&A: How does gut health change during pregnancy? How does it affect nutrient absorption?

Exploring the Relationship between the Gut & the Vaginal Microbiome

Q&A: The Impact of Artificial Sweeteners, Environmental Pollutants & Non-Stick Cookware

GUEST FEATURE: How to Tame Inflammation by Ellie Krieger

Q&A: Unravelling the Influence of the Gut Microbiome on the Body’s Immune Response & to Medication

Uncovering the Gut-Weight Connection

Q&A: What are the signs of poor gut health? Does it make me ill?

What is the gut-brain axis and how does it impact mental health?

Q&A: Mental Health Awareness Week

Better Social Connections for Better Gut Health

Q&A: Why do I get diarrhoea after drinking? And should I be checking my poo?

Can you really garden your way to better gut health?

A crash course in constipation – facts, myths, treatments and so much more

Q&A: Why do FODMAPs make you bloated? Is apple cider vinegar good for you?

Processed foods and the gut

Q&A: Bloating after running. Fizzy drinks and the gut. Probiotics and gender.

Q&A: Are some foods "binding"? Symptoms with milk. Poo transplants.

Men and gut health

Q&A: Enterotypes, Butyrate, and washing up liquid and our gut

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How to reduce your risk of bowel cancer

Happy gut happy mind

Sleeping for a better gut

Women and gut health

The rise of bloating post pandemic

Our vanishing microbiome and what we can do about it